Funds For Fido

Due to COVID-19, Rescue Dogs Match is even more strapped for funds as we are not going to be able to have many of our bigger fundraisers. To add to this pinch the spay/neuter clinic we use might not be operational until 2021. At this time we have 10 dogs to spay/neuter, and we need help to raise funds for their vetting which could total $4,000.00.

We’re excited to announce our Rescue Dogs Match Raffle! It’s a 50/50 raffle, and each ticket is $2. This is a progressive draw – which means if there is no winner on draw day then the pot gets rolled over. There will be a draw every two weeks, and anyone can play.

Rescue Dogs Match is a not for profit, 100% volunteer run organization dedicated to protecting those that can not protect themselves. Our focus is mainly dogs but we do not turn away any animal in need. We do not receive any funding, we rely on donations and money raised through fundraisers. We believe that these wonderful dogs deserve a chance for a wonderful life. All of the dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on core vaccines and micro chipped.

Looking for forever homes – do not need to go together POTBELLY PIGS!❤

Looking for forever homes – do not need to go together


Yes, you read that right. Meet Jellybean, Pumba and Mr.Pig 😁
These 3 Potbellies are urgently looking for a place to stretch their legs, enjoy the sunshine and if you allow them – be a part of a family.

Pumba – 3 years old. Grew up up in a home with kids. Not only does he come when called, he can also sit and give his paw on command. Very friendly with people. Especially if you have food 🤣

Jellybean – approximately 7 years old. Hand raised. More of the quiet/shy type. But also very friendly and will gladly take treats right from your hand. He’s very laid back and gentle.

Mr Pig – Age unknown. Definitely an Old Boy. He was rescued 8 years ago by a lady with a huge heart (as were Pumba and Jellybean). Before he was rescued, he had an existing injury to his front left leg. He can still walk around as he pleases,but he does take his time. He will also take treats from your hand.

All 3 of these Potbellies are lovey and would love to be a part of your family. Who says a family pet has to be conventional?