Hi, I’m Cooper!

URGENT forever home needed

Gender: Male
Breed: Mal-Shih
Size: Small
Age: Approx. 2 years
Cat: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Kids: No
No Apartments
Fenced in backyard

Cooper did not have the best start to life as he was found in a puppy mill. The foster has made great progress with him as he did not know how to be a dog. Never loved, never had a toy and lived 24/7 in a cage.
The whole world is now his and we are looking for an experienced, rescue minded home to help Cooper reach his potential in being a happy, healthy, beautiful boy.

A note from his foster Mom:
-Smart! Has learned his (new) name within 2-3 days and responds to it now.
-Walks on leash well.
-GOOD stamina on walks!
-Very playful.
-Good with other dogs.
-Likes to play fetch & tug of war.
-No possessiveness with toys or food.
-Sweet disposition/very lovable.
-Loves to give kisses.
-Loves belly rubs, neck scratches.

For adoption or fostering applications,email info@rescuedogsmatch.com