Hi, I’m Penelope!

Gender: Female
Size: Large
Breed: American bulldog mix
Age: Approx 2
Dogs: to play with not to live with
Cats: No
Kids: No due to size
Apartments: No
Fenced in backyard a must

Penelope is looking for a forever home or foster-to-adopt. Penelope is house trained, very gentle with treats, and knows her basic commands including sit, down, and a few tricks! Snuggle partner #1 — She enjoys cuddling and napping with her people on the couch or on a comfy dog bed.

She is a very silly girl who loves playing with her toys and being outside. She can be a bit timid around men and doesn’t like hanging with anxious, fearful or reactive dogs. With a bit of time though we are confident she will open up and become a silly lovable girl to the men in her life.

She is very sweet and loyal. There is never a dull moment with her bouncy energy. She loves to interact with her toys and her people, one of her favorite pastimes is to follow you around the house just observing you in action. She is a young girl with energy and likes to play so playtime and walks to fit her energy are important. Such a sweet girl!

Looking for a home where Penelope is not left alone for more than 3 hours. Also a home with large breed experience.

For more information email info@rescuedogsmatch.com