Funds For Fido

Due to COVID-19, Rescue Dogs Match is even more strapped for funds as we are not going to be able to have many of our bigger fundraisers. To add to this pinch the spay/neuter clinic we use might not be operational until 2021. At this time we have 10 dogs to spay/neuter, and we need help to raise funds for their vetting which could total $4,000.00.

We’re excited to announce our Rescue Dogs Match Raffle! It’s a 50/50 raffle, and each ticket is $2. This is a progressive draw – which means if there is no winner on draw day then the pot gets rolled over. There will be a draw every two weeks, and anyone can play.

Rescue Dogs Match is a not for profit, 100% volunteer run organization dedicated to protecting those that can not protect themselves. Our focus is mainly dogs but we do not turn away any animal in need. We do not receive any funding, we rely on donations and money raised through fundraisers. We believe that these wonderful dogs deserve a chance for a wonderful life. All of the dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on core vaccines and micro chipped.



Hi I’m Chachi !

Meet Chachi
American Bull Dog Mix Lab Mix
Born: April 26th 2019
DOGS: Yes ( either are adopted in pairs or there needs to be another dog of comparable characteristics 3 yrs or under)
No apartments
Fenced in backyard
As the little ones grow their personalities are starting to show.
We want to ensure that these babies grow up happy, healthy and balanced.
American Bull Dogs are:
Muscular Strong Stubborn Determined Confident
We are looking for families with large breed experience that will be able to socialize the pup(s) with other friendly dogs, cats, and kids. We are also looking for families that are interested in seeking training with the family and the pup(s). Looking for a home where the pup(s) will not be left for more than 3 hours.


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Tucker Update

We received this wonderful update from Tucker’s mom, Shayla. Here’s what she shared with us:

I am the proud dog mom of two very special boys, one of which we adopted from your rescue in April of 2017. He was known as Tucker by his foster family , and now by us, but to the rescue as “Huck”. 

Tucker is a timid little guy with a whole whack of personality. When we first got him, we thought WOW what a quiet and sweet little dog. It took him about a month to fully settle in and go into full chew mode! In Tucker’s eyes, everything is a new toy for him! We quickly learned to put away our things and keep the important stuff high up. He even had his way with the new cabinet I bought to hide away our shoes. We can’t help but to giggle at the trouble he gets into because he is the sweetest, most loving, innocent (looking) pup I have ever met.

And I can’t forget to mention his hilarious and LOUD howl. Tucker is pretty well the most quiet dog I ever have seen, until he gets to playing and lets out his “AHOOOO”, to be heard from miles away! People get a kick out of him.

He follows me around everywhere, jokingly in our house he is known as Mamas boy.

He gets along famously with every dog, child, and adult he meets. Anyone who will give him pats, belly rubs, and hugs are okay in his book. Tucker particularly loves little kids. This has led me to seek some advice on therapy dog training. We think that he will make an amazing companion dog to both children and seniors. This is also something that I have been interested in pursuing for a long time for my own personal sake. He has to be two years before we can pursue this volunteering endeavour together, so next summer I plan to have him trained up and ready to spread some joy, stress relief, and healing to people in need. Here he is with my nephew, who Tucker just seems to understand and right off the hop was more gentle, and slow moving when they are together.

Tucker prefers to sleep snuggled up with someone, preferably his mom but a cat will do the trick. Really, he loves all members of the family.

Tucker needs a coat or sweater for the cold because he still hasn’t grown any armpit hair and the cold makes him shiver. I’m not gonna lie, I secretly love buying clothes for my dog. How cute is he?


He also played a part in our wedding, which took place only a month after he came home with us. He dressed up and struck a pose, even though he wasn’t totally sure that he was ours yet. This is a special memory we will cherish forever.

Everyone loves this little snuggle bug and we can’t thank you and your volunteers enough for bringing him into our world!

Sending holiday wishes and love,

Shayla, Blair, Kato, and Tucker