Giving Dogs A Second Chance

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a homeless pet.  Our long term fosters need your help to receive life saving medical attention, vaccines, food , grooming, and  boarding. As a sponsor, you are very important to our long term fosters. With every donation you will receive a monthly update.

Did you know that RDM pulls death row dogs from shelters and pounds all across Canada, specifically Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area? We are lucky to have the experience and knowledge to work with dogs that have had a rough start.

The only way we are able to save these URGENT DEATH ROW DOGS (DRD) is by being able to pay monthly boarding fees to trusted local vet clinics and kennels until an appropriate placement can be found. Boarding them is necessary when we are notified of a DRD who has no more time left. It gives us a safe place to put the dog, time to properly assess the dog and a location to begin its training until an appropriate foster or forever home can be found. Any dog we pull can be in boarding for a few days up to a few weeks. Sponsoring boarding fees help us continue to save the dogs that would otherwise have no second chance.

Boarding – $28.25 per day per dog  |  Core vaccines and rabies – $60  |  Spay/Neuter – $200
Health Issues – $1,000  |  Average Dental – $200  |  Grooming – $500  |  Micro Chip – $40

Have a look below at our sweet dogs in need of sponsoring.