Hi I’m Mr Magoo!

My Magoo is in long term foster care.

Born blind at birth has not stopped this little guy at all. Mr. Magoo is a sweet, loving, playful little 1 1/2 year old Multipoo who loves to snuggle and get belly rubs.

Mr. Magoo gets along with everyone, he loves having another dog in his life either his size or a little bigger. He likes non aggressive cats too. Mr. Magoo likes to go for his walks in the yard and loves to lie down in the grass and have a good roll. Once he knows the lay of the land Mr Magoo does really well finding his way around. He will follow your voice or the jingle of a set of keys. Not knowing any different Mr. Magoo’s blindness does not stop him from running around and trying to jump up onto the couch, you have to be careful with that he cannot get down on his own. His constant companions are his stuffed turtle and stuffed frog which he loves to squeak.

Mr. Magoo need to be with another dog. He likes to know that someone is around, his foster mom leaves the television on low so he feels that someone is in the room although when he has another dog with him he is fine. Because he cannot see he will not do well with kids under 16 because he does not like to be petted or played with like a puppy. He is housetrained, does not bark often but will if he hears another dog or a loud noise. He cannot be crated he needs to be able to move around freely and gets scared if confined.

This adorable little guy needs people who will interact with him, love him and watch their step.

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